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Land Custody and Development Authority (PELITA) was established in June 1981 as a state-owned statutory body with the objective to be the catalyst in land development in Sarawak. PELITA core business activities include Urban and Property Development, Plantation Development and Rural Growth Centre. PELITA has subsidiaries and associates companies with group assets worth over RM1.6 billions. After more than 30 years in the business, PELITA aims not only to be the catalyst of growth and development but also the catalyst of change.

PELITA has contributed significantly towards land development in the state. PELITA has teamed up with the private sector to synergize both property and plantation development in the state by mobilizing the financial resources, capital and management expertise of the private sector in the joint development of projects which are geared towards generating economic development and wealth for the state and its people.

PELITA has contributed in adding new landmarks in Kuching city and other major towns for both residential and commercial complexes and urbanization of the rural areas and improvement of the existing small towns. As a catalyst, it spearheads the development of growth centre in the State, renewing old towns and establishing new township to provide and improve basic amenities and infrastructures for the benefits of rural as well as urban populace.

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PELITA core business activities include

Plantation Development

PELITA first got involved in plantation development in 1986 with the development of state land. As to date, the total gross area of state land under development amounts to 238,885 hectares.

Sago Plantation

Malaysia is one of the major sago producing countries after Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. With due recognition of its potential as a starch crop, the Sarawak State Government has been promoting and expand this crop.

Salvage Logging

Pelita Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has been entrusted by PELITA to undertake salvage logging activities in state land that is alienated to Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB) as well as in NCR land development areas where PHSB acts as the managing agent.

Native Customary Rights (NCR) Land
State Land
Sago Plantation
Food Production Activities

Property Management

The objective of this division is to sell or rent all residential and commercial properties owned by PELITA and its group as well as to assist Bumiputera entrepreneurs in getting the commercial premises for business either through sale or rental.

Sand Management

PELITA through its wholly owned subsidiary, Magna Focus Sdn. Bhd. (MFSB) had been given the task by the Sarawak State Government to regulate and manage sand and gravel extraction from the seas and rivers.

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