More NCR landowners want land surveyed

SERIAN: Native Customary Rights (NCR) landowners in the state now have more confidence in the NCR new initiatives introduced by the government since 2010. Special Functions Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said this was based on the increase in the number of applications and requests by landowners throughout the state. He said since the programme was implemented, the Land and Survey Department have received between 500 and 600 applications from NCR landowners requesting their land to be surveyed.

“This shows that the response towards the programme is very encouraging despite the critics from opposition parties. This also shows that the people have the full trust and confidence in the government. They know that the government is always sincere in wanting to help them resolve their land status,” he said.

Adenan said this when presenting land titles for communal reserves in seven areas involving 32 villages in Samarahan division at the Serian community hall here Thursday. He said with the titles, the landowners could now sleep well as they need not worry anymore that people would take away their land. “Once the communal land is gazetted and titles issued the land is now rightly yours, no one can take it away from you,” he said.

He explained that the titles for communal reserve land will be given to the respective village headmen for their safekeeping but they have to understand that the title belongs to everybody in the area for as long as they also have land in that particular area. “The title is not the property of the village headmen alone. It also belongs to the rest of the community who have land in that area. So the title is to be displayed for other villagers to see and not to be hidden in the drawer,” he said.

The seven areas gazetted under communal reserve land and issued with land titles yesterday were Kampung Antayan, Semukoi and Stigang Semukoi, Serian, Kampung Triboh, Antayan Keropok and Tepin, Serian, Kampung Riih, Sungai Mawang Riih area, Kampung Baki Tanjung Serian, Kampung Semera area in Sadong Jaya and Kampung Endap area in Kota Samarahan.

Among those present at the occasion yesterday were Kedup assemblyman Martin Ben, Serian District Officer Sinde Muleng and Samarahan Land and Survey superintendent Rozlan Putit.